I felt alone and without hope, until SIS started helping me

“The services provided by the hospital were good and I received good care. I have not received a good service from the GP practice. I cannot make an appointment when I need.

I did not feel safe at work. I suffer from asthma and have a heart condition and not all my colleagues wore a mask.  My colleagues and I are all from different ethnicities and were treated equally.

I got my information from my family initially, which was not efficient. I received a Wellbeing call from a BCN (Bilingual Community Navigator) from SIS and only then I understood what the rules were in the UK. SIS also provided me with the support I needed. I cannot access the Internet, so for me is more difficult to obtain translated information.

With my medical history I feel that I should have been shielding. The BCN registered me on the government website. However, I did not receive a letter from the NHS telling me to shield, so I carried on working, otherwise would not get paid.

If someone from my household got sick from covid I would have contacted SIS, and ask for help. I don’t speak English sufficiently to make myself understood by my GP or 111.

I felt negative and sad since lockdown started. I felt scared that I would contract the virus and die. This situation has been stressful because I had to go to work. I felt alone and without hope, until SIS started helping me.

 I would have liked to have received information about how to keep safe during the pandemic in my language. I am lucky because SIS are helping me to make appointments with my GP.

 We need better access to our GPs. I cannot speak English fluently and it is harder to communicate over the phone. Therefore, until I received help from SIS I was not able to contact my GP, as the surgery doors are closed and I run out of medication”.

SIS is working with Sussex CCG, NHS Trusts and Local Authorities to improve access to health and social care