eLangServ registration

Your organisation must be registered to use eLangServ before you can start using it to request interpreters.

In order to register your organisation, you will need to identify at least one member of staff to act as main booking contact for your organisation and provide their name, position, telephone number and email address. The main booking contact will be responsible for holding the Login ID and password and sharing them with other members of staff in your organisation. They will receive a confirmation email when we issue/reset a password or when the password is changed either by them or one of their colleagues.

To start the registration process, please fill in the form below.

eLangServ registration form

  • e.g. Cardiology Department.
  • Please provide the full address of your location, including building name/floor number if appropriate.
  • The staff member who will hold the log in details for your team. Please supply their name, telephone number and email address.