Quality Assurance

SIS is committed to providing services of exceptionally high quality as outlined in the SIS Quality Statement and detailed in the SIS Quality Assurance Policy.

External Verification

  • In 2009 SIS became one of the first Community and Voluntary Sector organisations to secure the cabinet office quality standard Customer Service Excellence.  We have now held this quality mark for 6 years.

“There are excellent partnering arrangements base on SIS’s philosophy of treating partners as customers.  Working with partners has enabled SIS to engage considerably with wider communities on emotive issues and has helped raise people’s awareness and understanding of these issues.”  CSE Assessor Feb 2016

“Indicators of strong performance include the growth of the service and also the sucess of pilots in health promotion and advocacy with strong uptake”  Iip Assessor 

Working with 19 accredited sessional bilingual advocates who between them speak 15 different community languages, enables SIS to speak up for/with people who otherwise would remain unheard and unable to access mainstream services, on an equal footing with the rest of the population, in Brighton and Hove.”  QPM Assessor June 2016

  • SIS is committed to achieving Investing in Volunteers in 2016-17.

Positive Feedback

SIS also receives unsolicited positive feedback mainly from the Public Service Providers using SIS.

We collate and monitor the feedback on a quarterly basis, this is used internally to motivate staff, particularly the linguists who perform autonomously and receive little feedback about the quality of their work.


January – March 2018

October – December 2017

July – September 2017

April – June 2017


  • SIS aims to have an organisational culture in which complaints are encouraged and welcomed.  An effective complaints policy and procedure ensures that SIS has the opportunity to put things right for an individual who has received poor service, and so that SIS can learn from its mistakes and improve the accessibility, delivery and the quality of services provided.
  • We have completed and updated an Audit of Complaints (PDF) in order to identify patterns and use this information to improve services.