About Us

What we do

SIS helps to:


  • bridge the communication gap of language, information, culture and power
  • encourage client self referrals
  • provide client centred services
  • improve appropriate service delivery
  • implement Equality of Opportunity
  • ensure joined up services

SIS ensures quality by:


  • working in partnership
  • providing confidential, impartial and accurate services
  • recruiting individuals with knowledge and understanding of local BME communities

Quality Statement

Sussex Interpreting Services provides high quality, professional Community Interpreting, Community Translation and Bilingual Advocacy 24 hours a day, 7 days per week with exceptional customer service.

We work with 160 trained and accredited, freelance locally‐based linguists in 65 different languages.

SIS works with 500+ public service / community sector departments across Sussex delivering social care and health equality for vulnerable Service Users.  We uniquely offer a self‐referral service.

We are dedicated to quality: delivering reliable, accurate, responsive, confidential, impartial and culturally sensitive services.

Our commitment to quality is organisation wide with an emphasis on learning and continuous improvement.

SIS is meeting and out‐performing against service delivery targets for effectiveness, outcomes and impact.  These are monitored, evaluated and reported on a quarterly basis.

SIS uses surveys, focus groups, and feedback via our rigorous complaints procedure to review services and drive development and improvements.

As a pioneering service, in 2009 SIS became one of the first Community & Voluntary Sector organisations to secure the cabinet office quality standard – Customer Service Excellence.

As a registered charity SIS has transparent working practices and is accountable to a membership drawn from stakeholder groups; public services, freelance linguists, services users and local BME communities.