Service User Feedback


Service Users with a language need have frequently come forward to give us more information about their relationship with SIS.  Some of these client journeys have been published in our Annual Reviews or as case studies.  Others are quoted and published in project reports.  Three Service Users spoke eloquently at the 2016 SIS AGM.


SIS has frequently met with language specific focus groups to gain a better insight into the needs of specific communities.   Most recently in 2017, we have visited the Moulescoomb Bengali Womens Group and the Hangelton and Knoll Multicultural Womens Group


The SIS AGMs are our flagship engagement event at which we go beyond the necessary and required official business to  showcase and celebrate our work.

Community Interpreters work on the day to ensure that Service Users are able to make the most of the event.  We have used voting handsets to great effect to undertake simple surveys and get feedback and opinion from attendees.

We frequently hold Service User Days supported by Community Interpreters or Bilingual Community Researchers.

2018 “Meet SIS 2” in partnership with Neighbourhood Care Scheme

2017 “Meet SIS” in partnership wih Neighbourhood Care Scheme report of findings

2013 “Health Services SIS Service User Day” in partnership with BMECP and CCG

2012 “First SIS Service User Day” 

Translations of feedback from each event can be found on the language specific pages.

Feedback collected at these events led to SIS developing the Health Promotion Project (HPP), Bilingual Advocacy Project (BAP) the new Bilingual Community Navigation Project, our involvement in Community Research and other projects and partnerships.

SIS is a partner in delivering an Annual Health and Well-being Event for BME individuals at which there are presentation, workshops and consultation groups.  SIS translated the invitations and promote the event, provide interpreting support on the day and ask other services to think the accessiblity of their messages and literature, encouraging translation.

2018 “A Way A Day” Report

2016 “Many Cultures One City” Report

2014 “All Our Voices” Report