More than six years of working with interpreters trained and supported by Sussex Interpreting Services has given me a profound respect for, and admiration of, SIS. The work that SIS does for its clients so often has such a positive impact on their lives. Being a trustee is a way of showing my gratitude for the support that SIS has given me and the patients with whom I work. As a trustee I can give something back to SIS, helping to maintain the high quality of its work, its procedures and its standards.

Hanno Koppel – SIS Trustee

SIS exists to enable full access, for people with language needs, to publicly funded services in order to improve health, education and overall quality of life. We are keen to have a more diverse board of trustees and welcome applications from all sections of the community.

We are particularly looking for people with expertise and experience in:

  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Business development and charity trading
  • Communications and marketing
  • Employment and Law

Our organisation’s vision is of an inclusive and diverse society where people of all cultural and linguistic backgrounds are able to live in harmony, play a full and valued role and enjoy the same rights. If you share our vision and would like know more about the trustee role you can contact SIS Directors, Shahreen Shebli (01273 234758) or Arran Evans (01273 234027) to arrange an informal conversation, and find out and find out more about time commitments, expectations, and the support we offer.

Roles and Responsibilities of Charity Trustees – Summary

Charity Trustees:
Charity Trustees are the people who have general control and management of a charity’s administration: in short, they are ultimately responsible for the charity.

Primary Responsibilities of Charity Trustees:

  • Trustees are responsible for the proper administration of the charity
  • Trustees must accept ultimate responsibility for everything the charity does
  • Trustees have to act reasonably and prudently in all matters relating to their charity
  • Trustees must safeguard and protect the assets of the charity
  • Trustees have a duty to act collectively
  • Trustees must act in the best interests of their charity
  • Trustees must avoid any conflict between their personal interests and those of the charity


Key Trustee Role:


  • Set and maintain the vision, mission and values of the organisation
  • Develop strategy
  • Establish and monitor policies
  • Ensure effective Risk Management
  • Ensure compliance with the governing document
  • Ensure accountability
  • Ensure compliance with the law
  • Maintain proper financial oversight
  • Select and support the Chief Executive
  • Respect the Role of Staff
  • Maintain effective board performance
  • Promote the organisation

If you are interested in becoming a SIS Trustee please complete the Trustee Application Form. We will arrange an informal interview with you. If you know of someone who is looking for a new challenge as a trustee, please let them know we’re seeking trustees and direct them to the SIS website.

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