Quality Assured Community Translation Policy

Community Translation is “the accurate written transmission of meaning from one language to another, which is easily understood by the reader”.

SIS will ensure quality by engaging Community Translators (CT) with the knowledge of the source texts’ subject matter and suitable professional software to complete an assignment to the highest possible standards. SIS will always endeavour to allocate translation work to CTs equally to:

Community Translators who are members of:


  • Community Translators who have completed the OCN accredited Community Translation course


  • Community Translators who have a Diploma or Degree in Translation www.ucas.com

There are occasions when SIS in unable to allocate a translation request to a qualified translator. In this instance SIS will approach a translator who has considerable experience working in the field of translation and, wherever possible, who has completed a CIESK (Community Interpreting Essential Skills and Knowledge) programme.

Further Quality Assurance

SIS carries out internal spot checks of translated work on a monthly basis. SIS routinely proofreads documents translated into English.

Additional relevant aspects for consideration when allocating translation work:

  • Feedback and comments from proofreaders
  • Availability of CTs and urgency of the translations
  • Language, dialect, country of origin, gender (for personal letters, assessments, etc)
  • Ethnic/cultural background of the target audience (leaflets, flyers, official announcements)