Service User Day 2017

We organised a Service User Day on 25th September.
It was an opportunity to meet people and get to know them better.
We encouraged people to share their opinions of SIS. People also gave us information about the needs of their communities. There was a focus on how to overcome isolation.
We were delighted to welcome 37 people. There was a wide range of languages spoken: Arabic, Farsi, Hungarian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.
Everyone was very engaged and we received some very useful contributions. People were grateful for the opportunity to give their views and to feel listened to.
People connected with other members of their community, made new friends and exchanged contact details.
It was helpful for SIS and for our partner Impetus.
We are considering all the rich information shared. We will evaluate this towards the end of October.
Thank you to everyone who supported this event.
Thank you to our community researchers who worked hard in preparing and managing the day.
A special thank you to Vikki for planning the day.
We look forward to seeing you at our AGM on Thursday 23rd November 14.00-16.30 at the Brighthelm.