Dry January Health Campaign

Dry January is the campaign through which millions of people reset their relationship with alcohol through stopping drinking for one month.

SIS will be running the campaign through our Facebook pages in English  and in target community languages Arabic, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Farsi and Spanish

The month-long alcohol-free challenge is the perfect start to the New Year as your community will benefit from better sleep, more energy, no hangovers, losing weight, feeling fabulous and so much more.

You can download the brand new Dry January app, which can be used to track drinking all year round.  The app is in English only.

Help for Dry January and controlling drinking is available, with interpreting support, from the Healthy Lifestyle Team – contact SIS for more details or a referral.

Around 4% of cancers in the UK are directly attributable to alcohol

The research also showed that:

  • 93% of participants had a sense of achievement;
  • 88% saved money;
  • 82% think more deeply about their relationship with drink;
  • 80% feel more in control of their drinking;
  • 76% learned more about when and why they drink;
  • 71% realised they don’t need a drink to enjoy themselves;
  • 70% had generally improved health;
  • 71% slept better;
  • 67% had more energy;
  • 58% lost weight;
  • 57% had better concentration;
  • 54% had better skin