Wonderful interpreting response makes a real difference!

We received the following feedback from a Clinical Psychologist:

The Albanian Interpreter [Q] came in to do an afternoon interpreting session, even though she had only got home from holiday in the early hours of that morning (her late night did not negatively affect her interpreting, this was not a problem).

Because she came in at such short notice, I was able to complete an assessment to make a referral to specialist rehab. If she had not done this, the patient would have had to wait another 4 days for me to be available again which would have held up the whole pathway, potentially increased time in hospital and the delay would have upset the patient who was ready to move on.

It would have been reasonable not to work less than 12 hours after you return from holiday, particularly when I only asked if she was free at 24 hours’ notice (I wasn’t expecting it but worth the ask), and yet the interpreter did it anyway.

Dr Alana Tooze, Clinical Psychologist in Neuropsychology – Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust