Social Prescribing

This person came to see us as she as she had been experiencing Housing and financial difficulties and needed urgent support. This had been causing her a lot of stress and anxiety and was having a real impact on her overall health and well-being.

Through our Volunteer Linguists’ support, we helped her with the following:

To challenge a Penalty Charge Notice.

Utilities bills – difficulties paying

  • Completed online “Essentials Tariff form” to receive reduced water bill in line with low household income and receipt of benefits
  • Supported query re Warm Home Discount Scheme application
  • Supported to cancel TV licence payment commitments

Help with managing debt

  • To fill in a form for repayment plan for debt arrears
  • Support contacting debt collection company

Support with making application for Local Discretionary Social Fund.

After support from SIS, this Service User said:

“I am under a lot of pressure. I have a lot of things to do within my family; I have to support my husband who has a long term health condition and I have a teenage son to look after. I can’t speak to organisations with my level of English and family commitments therefore SIS has relieved a lot of this pressure for me. I feel consistently less stressed as I have regular support from SIS. I feel more connected and more supported- this is very important for me and my family as a whole. My family and I rely on the support from SIS as do other people from my community.


I think the support offered is varied and I have had all my requests dealt with professionally and empathically. SIS have helped me with urgent, stressful situations like my council tax, emergency accommodation, benefits and bills. This support has been vital and timely and made my family more secure.


I have more confidence with using public services and organisations in the city.  A big, positive life change has been complimented by the support from SIS.  My son is doing well in school and I look forward to building our lives now that we are in a much more stable and positive position than before.”