Rapid Response

We are well known for responding to emergency situations, providing an interpreter on site within one hour of a call to our 24/365 emergency service.

It may be less well known that we respond to urgent requests and are working a lot more at weekends and out of office hours.

Recently we were called at 10.00 by a Community Midwives Team asking for an interpreter for 13.30.

A woman had recently arrived in Brighton.  She was 7 months pregnant with her first child.  There was no medical history.  She originated from an area where there is a risk of thalassemia.

Our Coordination Team picked up the sensitivity and urgency of the situation and responded rapidly – despite operating a very busy service!

With the fantastic support of one of our pool of Self-Employed Sessional Linguists we were able to help.

The Community Midwives offered a great service and the woman is looking forward to her ante natal care.