Bilingual Advocacy

Here is a Case Study from our previous Bilingual Advocacy Project which was funded for 3 years to the end of December 2017.

We are hoping to reconfigure this service and to operate as part of a Pan Sussex Partnership in the near future – please watch our News page!

Case 52 (14 hours) – The Service User (SU) was in a very isolated situation, looking after her 3yr old autistic son whilst having recently escaped domestic abuse at the hands of her drug dependent partner. She was struggling to achieve financial independence and to find the necessary support to help meet her son’s needs.

Following work with the SIS Bilingual Advocate (BA) and St Luke`s Advice Service, the SU was given appropriate support in claiming and transferring the benefits (Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit) into her name as single mother. The BA also liaised with the family’s Health Visitor and attended an appointment at which the SU’s son was given an official diagnosis for his autism – the consultant provided evidence to support a claim for Disability Living Allowance (DLA), and a Housing application and a care plan was drafted.

The SU now feels empowered to handle life independently in Brighton and is able to work, volunteer and look after her SEN Child. She has a good understanding of the letters, services available, and is able to use google translate and attend the SIS Drop-In whenever necessary. There are still issues with the Homemove application and if they persist, she knows how to contact SIS to voice her need for further bilingual support.

 “I am no longer worried about my life. The service has helped me obtain all the available benefits for my situation. They gave me lots of information. The transfer from couple/family life to single motherhood was much smoother and it gave me the self-esteem to be able to handle life alone in the UK/Brighton.”

Romanian speaking Service User

“I’m happy to have managed to help the Service user integrate in Brighton at a very difficult time in her life while her son was diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum and whilst there was no one to support her, moreover she was recovering after domestic violence incidents. I believe the main target of achieving financial independence and self-esteem has been 85% achieved. Great support received from St Luke’s and the other services involved in obtaining this great result.”

Bilingual Advocate

We use a test and re-test methodology linked to a guided questionnaire to track and share the impact journey with Service Users.

Here is the related Empowerment Web for Case 52 (please click on the chart to enlarge):