Private Translation


Sussex Interpreting Service can put you in touch with a translator who may be able to help you.  These guidelines contain advice on important things to consider and discuss with a translator before any work takes place.

Do you need an official document, like a passport or a marriage certificate, to be translated for an organisation?

Speak with that organisation first and make sure you understand what their requirements are.  Some documents will need to be officially ‘sworn’ before they can be accepted, and not all translators may be willing to do this.

How much will you charge to translate my document?

We cannot tell you what the translators fees are for private work, you will need to discuss this directly with them.

What form of payment will you accept?

Find out if your translator will accept cash, a cheque, a bank transfer or card payment.

How can I deliver my document to you and how will I get it back?

Find out if this should be by post, by hand or by email.

How long will you take to complete my document?

Your translator may be busy with other things too but should let you know how long they expect the document to take to translate – if you have a deadline in mind, make sure you talk to them about it.

If I need changes to be made after you have finished it will I need to pay you extra?  How long after you finished my document can I come back to you to discuss this?

You may notice something in the translated version you want to talk to your translator about –make sure you have agreed whether there would be any extra costs to make amendments, and agree a time scale that you can go back to them with any concerns you have.

Can you provide me with a ‘sworn’ translation if required, and will this cost more?

Some translations need to be ‘sworn’ in front of a solicitor or public notary – this is where the translator takes the completed translation and their translation qualifications to a solicitor or notary, who acts as a witness while the translator swears an affidavit that they are a qualified translator and have carried out the translation to the best of their abilities.  This will be more costly than a basic translation, and not all translators may be willing to do this.  Please speak to your translator and see if this is something they can do, and how much it will cost.

Can you provide me with a certified  translation?

Translations can be ‘self-certified’ by the translator.  This means they will add a clause at the end of the translation to say they are a qualified translator and that the translation is an accurate translation of the original document, and done to the best of their knowledge and ability.  Check that the organisation you are providing the translation for will be happy to accept a certified, rather than a ‘sworn’ translation.  If your translator is a member of the UK’s public association for translators and interpreters, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), they may be able to provide a stamp from the ITI that shows they are a member of it.

Can you translate educational certificates?

It may be helpful to speak to UK NARIC, who are the UK’s national agency responsible for providing information and advice on how your overseas qualifications and skills compare to the UK’s national qualification frameworks, and who can provide you with the officially recognised documents you might need during your time in the UK to show their compatibility.  Information about their services can be found on their website or by calling them on +44 (0)871 330 7033

If you have any problems or concerns we would advise you to approach the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) one of the UK’s professional associations in this field.  Sussex Interpreting Services can accept no responsibility for any translation work undertaken as a result of using a translator from this list






Besnik Dedja

0794 404 7374


Mariana Yousif

0776 261 1372


Mohamed Abdo

0798 481 2546


Jahanara Ahmad

0791 958 4880


Mitra Rezvan

Email only


Nina Tahmasebi

0778 632 3723


Gabriele Scott

0790 886 0399


Ami Joshi

0740 330 7698


Anna Jakab

0751 236 3520 – text first


Roberto Rossetti

0788 0743 133


Laura Brookes

0796 026 1021


Hewad Faramand

0797 033 6585


Elizabeth Cahill

0798 899 3458


Julia Encarnacao

0782 588  0649


Cristina Santos

0772 047 3088


Lucia Nascimento Collins

0793 065 7228


Pavitar Singh

0785 083 6156


Oana Patap

0781 003 8622


Laura Brookes

0796 026 1021


Cira Burns

0779 663 1642


Eunika Antasova

0785 844 9222


Nimet Tan

0779 959 0950


Gamze Ustun

0771 717 4659


Deniz Arslan-Follett

0784 977 8889


Irina Allen

0770 949 3319


Rafaqat Dogar

0775 350 8415