Meeting with Head of engagement of Brighton & Hove CCG

Today SIS met with Jane Lodge, Head of Engagement for Brighton NHS Clinical Commissioning Group at the SIS offices in Brighton. It was an opportunity to show Jane what happens behind the scenes and how we manage the interpreter bookings from GP surgeries and other organisations. Jane spent time with Kate Turner, Coordination Team Manager (pictured). “It was a pleasure to meet Jane and be able to introduce the Coordination Team, who work at the heart of SIS service delivery.” said Kate.

SIS Digital Manager, Matt Evenden demonstrated eLangserv, the secure, online booking service that allows service providers to make interpreter bookings direct to the booking system 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can also check the status of existing bookings and six months of previous bookings. The system could help the NHS make additional savings in managing cancelled or duplicate appointments more effectively. SIS will be running a promotional campaign for eLangserv this autumn.