Helplines for Afghan and Pakistani Languages – Urdu, Pashto, Hindi, and Dari

SIS is collaborating with some partner organisations to help us deliver bilingual support services in Urdu, Pashto, Hindi, and Dari.  These languages aren’t widely requested in Brighton and Hove which means that, although SIS can provide interpreting in all of these language, we aren’t currently set up to  deliver our other bilingual support services ; social prescribing, advocacy, telephone befriending.   However, there are members of these language communities living in Brighton, Hove and Sussex and they may be particularly vulnerable if there aren’t any established communities to help support them.   Therefore SIS is promoting some complimentary services that may be able to help these individuals and communities.

The Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) has a telephone helpline staffed by speakers of Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Hindi, Pashto and Urdu.  Their information flier is translated into Dari and Urdu

Monday to Friday                 9am – 1pm 0750 877 3336                     10am – 5pm 0208 572 0300

ACAA can offer counselling and reassurance, social contact, assistance and advocacy with many practical and wellbeing issues; financial help, immigration advice through their own legal team, on-line ESOL classes and telephone befriending.

ACAA was set up to support vulnerable refugees and recent migrants from Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East and Central Asia

Barnado’s Black and Asian Family Covid 19 Helpline

Has been set up to help children, young people and families affected by Covid-19 from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. If someone has been affected by the pandemic; concerned about school, lost a loved one, needs someone to talk to, they can contact one of the specialist support advisors to talk about it.


There are advisors available who speak Dari, Hindi, Pashto and Urdu.

Calls are free on Monday and Friday 1pm – 8pm           0800 1512 605