Mole Check “Check a Mate” campaign

Albion in the Community has launched a “Check a Mate” mole check campaign this summer. 

AITC teamed up with NHS staff to offer free mole checks at the Take Part Festival at the The Level in June and at a football tournament in Preston Park on 26th July.

Over 100 people people had moles examined by healthcare professionals at the two events and 12 people were identified as having potentially problematic moles – including one person who the team convinced to have a mole checked and said they would not have done so were it not for Speak Up Against Cancer’s presence at the free events.

As part of AITC’s long-running Speak Up Against Cancer campaign the charity is working with NHS Brighton and Hove Clinical Commission Group (CCG) to raise awareness of the symptoms of skin cancer and promote sun safety.

More than 2,300 a year die from skin cancer in the UK, with around 15,400 new cases identified nationwide every 12 months. As with the majority of cancers, however, the chances of successful treatment increase if the skin cancer is identified early.

Help your friends and family stay safe by checking each others moles and if you notice any of the changes on the poster then make sure it is seen by a doctor.

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