Customer Service Excellence Award 2018

SIS was one of the first charities to apply for the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Award.  We use the criteria to keep a focus on improvement and innovation.  We have done this every year since 2009.  This year we have achieved an unprecedented Compliance + in 4 areas:

  1. We use customer insight to inform policy and strategy and to prioritise service improvement
  2. We empower and encourage all employees to actively promote and participate in the customer-focused culture of our organisation.
  3. We interact within wider communities and we can demonstrate the ways in which we support those communities.
  4. We have made arrangements with other providers and partners to offer and supply coordinated services, and these arrangements have demonstrable benefits for our customers.

In addition 3 areas of strength were noted:

  • We ensure that all customers and customer groups are treated fairly and this is confirmed by feedback and the measurement of customer experience.
  • There is corporate commitment to putting the customer at the heart of service delivery and leaders in our organisation actively support this and advocate for customers.
  • We can demonstrate that we deliver the service we promised to individual customers and that outcomes are positive for the majority of our customers.

We also embrace our 2 areas of Partial Compliance:

  • We monitor and meet our standards and key departmental and performance targets, and we tell our customers about our performance.
  • We are meeting our current standards for timeliness and quality of customer service and we publicise our performance against these standards.

Thank you to our commissioners, partners, service users, staff and community linguists for meeting with our Assessor.  Your feedback is so valuable and appreciated.

“Well done to everyone who works hard to make SIS so successful in delivering language support at the heart of our communities”  – Arran Evans SIS Director

A very special thank you to Vikki Gimson our Quality Assurance Manager who manages the process with such skill!

We welcome feedback.  You can give us your feedback by visiting our Contact web page