Brighton Pride 2018

SIS took part in this year’s Brighton Pride community parade with staff, interpreters and volunteers representing the organisation to 300,000 people who lined the route from Hove Lawns to Preston Park. The theme was ‘Carnival Of Diversity’ and our team held workshops putting together our specially made speech bubble signs written in 12 languages to share the message.

The speech bubbles were a big hit with the crowd cheering when they read a message in their native language.

There was a huge party atmosphere throughout the day but there is an important message behind the glitter and sequins and that is the ongoing need to support equal rights, to respect our differences and to celebrate what we have in common.

Taking part in community events like Brighton Pride aligns with our vision of an inclusive and diverse society where people of all cultural and linguistic backgrounds are able to live in harmony, play a full and valued role and enjoy the same rights.