25 Years of SIS – Annual Review

For 25 years SIS has provided language services at the heart of our BME communities.

We are delighted to speak about this in our 2018-19 Annual Review.

As our Chair Jen Henwood says –

In this context , heart suggests the centre, the hub, the core, the nucleus and brings connotations of compassion, humanity and courage.

We have come a long way and worked hard to pioneer equality and empowerment.

A Portuguese Speaking Service User sums it up well –

“In the past I wasn`t aware of my rights.  Now I am able to ask and discuss certain issues.  My confidence comes from having used SIS”.

Thank you to all our staff, partners, funders and self-employed linguists.

Congratulations and best wishes for the next 25 years!

We look forward to seeing you at our 25 year celebrations and AGM on February 28th 2020.

Arran Evans – Director – on behalf of everyone at SIS